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Launch of Apple TV with a powerful tvOS – Features of Apple TV

By Nibha
In Technology
September 9, 2015

Apple launched its fourth generation Apple TV at the much hyped ‘Hey Siri’ event at San Francisco on 9th September and released a totally unique TV experience to the world. The TV is designed with the intention of taking the user through a one-of-a-kind entertaining trip totally unthought-of before. The robust and innovative infrastructure includes a tvOS, deep Siri integration, developer tools and best of all a comprehensive App Store.
The modern operating system works with an overhauled iOS 9-style interface. A little thicker than the original set-top box, it has more power and is shipped with a high-tech touch-based remote named the ‘Siri Remote’. The remote has a glass enclosed surface on the top which is touch based and allows the user to swipe through the content. The Siri integration is a novel feature of the TV as it brings to the user his desired content at call. Talking to Siri is possible through an inbuilt button and the given microphones. Hunting through the varied apps to get a particular movie or TV show will be greatly facilitated now.
The TV is based on pretty powerful hardware and it comes to light as one navigates through the TV’s home screen. Working with a 64-bit A8 chip and 2GB RAM, the TV provides support for major iOS technologies such as GameKit, Metal and UIKit which will eventually enable users to watch games of console-quality on their TV sets. An option of 32GB as well as 64GB is offered to the user for the app downloading purposes and it includes 801.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, Bluetooth 4.0 and an IR receiver. One of the key software development is the inclusion of an exhaustive App Store which has all popular apps and games in it.
Truly, a TV to reckon with!

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