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Apple iOS users outspend Android users in Black Friday online sales

By Amit Gupta
In Technology
December 1, 2014
Apple iOS users outspend Android users in Black Friday online sales

Apple iOS users outspend Android users in Black Friday online sales

As far as mobile shopping was concerned during the Thanksgiving Day battle in spending, Apple users out did the Android users. It was reported that the Apple iOS mobile users were able to spend twenty five percent more than what Android users spent on this Turkey Day purchases. According to the recent IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark data, average of $95.25 per order was spent by Android users; Apple users spent an average of $118.57 per order. Were it not for the tryptophan, the average sales would even have been higher. This is because earlier reports had indicated that the average order value was $97.25 and $122.08 for Android users and Apple users respectively.

Jay Henderson, director of IBM Smarter Commerce said, “Apple has a strong hold on online shopping… IPhone and iPad buyers tend to be slightly more affluent and more comfortable with technology.”

Though google’s Android commands a highjer number of owners within the U.S.A, it emerged that Apple owns a stronger hold on the online shopping. On estimate, Apple iOS users are thrice more likely to make an online purchase in comparison with Android users. The survey also revealed that there was a great increase in the percentage of online sells since 2010. In 2010, only 6.5 purchases were done online. This black Friday, 50% of the purchases were done online.

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