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Spyder Movie Review

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
October 1, 2017

Spyder Movie Review

Rating:  2.75

Casting: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, S.J Surya, etc.

Story, Screenplay: A.R Murugadoss

Cinematography: Santosh Sivan

Music: Harris Jayraj

Producers: N.V Prasad and Tagore Madhu

Director: A.R Murugadoss

Spyder Movie Review

Spyder Movie Review

Brief Introduction:

A.R Murugadoss is one of the most acclaimed PAN India directors who is known for his Universal stories like Kaththi, Ghazini etc. Such director has been teaming up with the superstar Mahesh Babu itself is a big thing. Interestingly, this combination has chosen a spy cop thriller which fans of Mahesh wanted to see him since ages. With huge expectations and overhype, this bilingual has released worldwide on the last Tuesday. Let us see how far this movie has shaped up on the celluloid

Story Plot:

The story is all about a young and dynamic Police Officer named Shiva ( Mahesh) who works in the Intelligence Bureau department. With his skills, he develops a software and he links it to all the phone networks through his Bureau. This special software will give him an instant alarm along with the locations and he immediately takes down the goons. All this works like magic until he fails for the first time. He discovers brutal murders of two women but he fails to catch the culprit. Later he comes to know that the culprit is not a normal goon but a psychotic killer named Bhairavudu who loves chaos. The rest of the story is all about the riveting cat and mouse chase between Siva and Bhairavudu.

Cast and Performance:

The lead hero Mahesh Babu is the main highlight of this flick. Known for his real stunts and hard work, he has excelled in his role of a spy cop and his body language is a perfect fit for the character of Siva. One has nothing to find fault with Mahesh Babu as his screen presence is limited to action sequences more than emotional subtle expressions. We have to admit that the director like Murugadoss failed to completely utilize the talent of Mahesh in terms of acting.

Another highlight is the antagonist Surya. After transforming as a complete villain from being a director, Surya has been putting more than 100% of his efforts in acting. No audience would leave the theatre without admiring Surya’s acting skills. He has excelled in the role of a psycho serial killer.

Rakul Preet Singh has a limited screen presence but she impressed with her glamour. However, her fans would be disappointed for limiting her only for songs. Other actors like Priyadarsi and rest have done their job.

Technical Crew:

Keeping a riveting story and a hero like Mahesh in hand, Murugadoss with his narration skills can do miracles at the box office but when it comes to Spyder, he seemed to be concentrated more on Tamil version than Telugu. He has invested more on conceiving action sequences than storytelling as any common fan of this director fails to identify Murugadoss’s mark in any scene. He did miss something while incorporating thrill elements to a nail-biting contest between hero and villain. He has provided to a good story but he missed the groove in the screenplay.

One can hardly complain about the legendary cinematographer Santosh Sivan. His visuals in action episodes and songs are exuberant. The producers did invest big and haven’t compromise a bit as each frame appeared grand. Music by Harris Jayaraj is not up to the mark and he can do better compared to his previous chartbusters. However, he excelled in the background department. But the biggest minus to this flick is the visual effects and special effects. The entire team could have hired a bigger company for better output.


Mahesh’s Impeccable performance

S.J Surya

Action sequences before and after Interval



Meaningless logics

Poor special effects

Verdict:  Spyder is half-baked action thriller

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