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Sharwanand hits a golden deal for his next

By Abhi Ram
In Telugu/Tollywood
August 5, 2016

Versatile actor Sharwanand has been running with back to back successes has got a Mega deal for his next film. He has reportedly increased his present remuneration for his next.

Sharwanand hits a golden deal for his next

Sharwanand hits a golden deal for his next

Sharwanand is currently working on a project under the new coming director Chandra Mohan, who is an assistant for director Karunakar. BVSN Prasad has been producing this movie. According to close circles to the producer, Sharwanand has charged 3 crores for this film for which producer Prasad has not in terms to pay that much amount. After some negotiation, BVSN Prasad has agreed to pay his normal rate one crore and gave the rights of overseas to Sharwanand.


As Sharwanand’s has a decent marker overseas and all his movies are getting a fare amounts, this is certainly an advantage for Sharwanand. If the movie strikes hit at the USA, he will be getting excess profits, which is more than his hiked 3 crores. This movie will be the 20th movie in the career of Sharwanand.

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