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Sekhar Kammula to team up with Varun Tej

By Abhi Ram
In Telugu/Tollywood
May 14, 2016

An interesting rumor has been doing rounds in the internet that the decent filmmaker ‘Sekhar Kammula’ is going to direct the mega prince ‘Varun Tej’.

Sekhar Kammula to team up with Varun Tej

Sekhar Kammula to team up with Varun Tej

Going deep into the investigation, it seems that after several talks, Sekhar Kammula seems to have impressed the mega camp with his script. This rumor is not new as it happened way back before the film “Kanche” that this director is going to rope Varun Tej after his debuting movie “Mukunda”. Sekhar Kammula did a cameo in the film ‘Mukunda’ which added more boost for the rumor at that time but that failed to happen in real.


This will be interesting as of now, Sekhar Kammula needs a desperate success after the debacles of his previous films ‘Anamika’ and ‘Life is Beautiful’. Varun Tej is attempting different scripts right from the beginning of his career and accepting this script would be a wise decision.


Keep watching this space for more updates on this film.

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