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Review : 100 Days of Love

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
August 26, 2016

Movie               :    100 days of love


Release Date:    26th August 2016


Rating              :    2.5


Cast and Crew:    Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menon, Sekhar Menon, Aju, Vineeth, Praveena, and others


Music                   :    Govind Menon


Cinematography    :  Pradeesh Varma


Story, Screenplay and Direction: Jenuse Mohamed


Producers        :    S Venkata Ratnam

Review 100 Days of Love

Review 100 Days of Love

Brief Introduction:


Nithya Menon and Dulquer Salmaan has already proved as a hit pair with their classic love story from Mani Ratnam’s directorial venture ‘Ok Bangaram’. This hit pair has again scored a blockbuster in Malayalam. To cash this craze, the same movie is dubbed and released in Telugu as ‘100 days of love’. With all the good vibrations and positivity, Let us the whether the magic repeats or not.


What is the story all about?


Rao Gopal Rao (Dulquer Salmaan) is a writer who falls in love with Savitri (Nithya Menon) at the very first sight in a taxi. He then decides to get her love anyhow and starts searching in pursuit of her. After a bit of struggle, he manages to find her.

But after finding her, he finds that Savitri is the same girl who was once his schoolmate whom he hated the most throughout his life. After this, we must watch the movie find how he changes his mind and gets the love of Savitri who has been already engaged to another man.


Artist’s Performances:


Dulquer Salmaan is the perfect cast for this role. He has done his best. He is one of the gripping point and bases to the movie. he looks charming and lovable throughout the movie. His screen presence is amazing. Nithya Menon has killed the show again with her acting skills. Though she got less screen time in first half, she has nailed it in the second half. The performance of this couple in the last half an hour is fantastic. Other actors are nice to their respective roles




  • Lead Pair performance

  • Last Half an hour.




  • Slow screenplay

  • Cinematography




Music is not up to mark as this kind of romantic love story needs a top class musician to score the best songs. He could have been better. But the background music by Bhijibal makes us breathe. The cinematography is not as impressive as it should do. Editing is nice and it is the only factor that saves the slow narration or else this movie may end as a boring flick. Other departments are good to their extent. For Telugu audience, the production values should be a bit more than the existing.


Direction by Janus Mohammad is good. He has an interesting plot which has laced with romance, love, and comedy together but he has failed a bit to provide the much-needed grip to the screenplay. This screenplay is ok for Malayalam audience but for Telugu audience, the narration should be shifted a gear up. Overall, he did a nice job in presenting the routine love story in a new and refreshing way.




As already this pair has got a certain amount of expectations from Telugu audience, the movie has everything but a slow screenplay. The movie unfolds when the hero who is a freelance writer for a daily falls in love with the heroine at the very first sight. The first half begins with a nice feel provided by a nice background. From there on, the story goes slow with dragged screenplay and narration. The first half is all about the hero finds the details of his love by crossing some struggles. This half ends with a nice interval bang which is also expected by an intelligent viewer. Dulquer is the only saving point in the first half and Nithya has no much screen time in this half.


The second half is much better compared to the first half as the story moves forward in a nice way. There are some much-needed love track and romance in this half. Nithya Menon has done an awesome job in this half along with the hero. The way hero wins the heart of heroine is nicely explained by the director. The lead pair has done an awesome job in the climax and pre-climax scenes. The only bad thing in this half is the way Savitri changes her mind dramatically to choose the hero instead of the one she agrees to marry and got engaged to.


The first half is definitely boring and the second half is the savior. With lead pair’s performance and background music, the movie is nice to watch for the youth for once. A better Musician with a top notch Cinematographer and production values may have taken this movie to another level. This movie is good if the viewer has a bit of patience. This movie will give a nice feel for the viewers who love slow and decent love stories without commercial elements


Verdict:   50 marks for this 100 days of love

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