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OMG! Rajinikanth’s Daughter Is Getting Divorced

By Abhi Ram
In Celebrity News
September 16, 2016

Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya is about to file for divorce. No official source confirmed the news, but it is true. Rajinikanth is not happy; in fact, Rajini Sir tried his best to stop his daughter from divorcing her husband. But she is adamant as she feels her marriage is truly over. Another source said she has already filed for divorce.

Rajinikanth’s Daughter Is Getting Divorced

Soundarya and Ashwin Ramkumar got married in 2016. They are parents of a young boy. Rajinikanth is very fond of Ashwin Ramkumar. He is a self-made man. He is a big name in the business world.

Life as an industrialist’s wife is very different from life as a film star’s daughter. Soundarya always had trouble with her new life. There were rumors of divorce right after her high-profile marriage.

Soundarya plans to live separately with her young son. We wish Soundarya all the best with her future life.

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