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No buyers for VIP-2 in Telugu states

By Abhi Ram
In Movies
August 17, 2017

High buzzed sequel of Raghuvaran B.Tech, VIP-2 is facing some unexpected problems for its release in Telugu regions. The makers are unable to crack a deal with Telugu buyers.

No buyers for VIP-2 in Telugu states

No buyers for VIP-2 in Telugu states

Even though the flick Raghuvaran B.Tech has become a super hit in Telugu, the market for Dhanush doesn’t exceed more than 10 crores. In such a situation, the makers of VIP-2 have fixed the Telugu remake rights for 16 crores. Even though many buyers showed interest on this, now all of them got scattered with this hefty price. Now a distributor came forward to buy but he asked the makers to change the flick’s name to Raghuvaran B.Tech-2 or Raghuvaran M.Tech as masses might not know that VIP-2 is the sequel of Raghuvaran B.Tech.


Stubborn makers are not in a mood to change the name and so does the hero Dhanush. He is trying to make VIP as a franchise so he is releasing the flick on his own in the two Telugu states on 25th of August.

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