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New Changes To A Aa: Addition Of Dance Bit And Cutting The Names

By Abhi Ram
In Telugu/Tollywood
June 17, 2016

The super success of ‘A Aa’ movie has some changes made by the makers and these changes are affected in some theaters from today. One is clearing the controversy and other is adding a dance bit.

New Changes To A Aa Addition Of Dance Bit And Cutting The Names

New Changes To A Aa Addition Of Dance Bit And Cutting The Names

The first change is a controversy. The characters of Shakalaka Shankar portrayed as a thief has a name ‘Pratap Reddy’ and he says his father name as ‘Bal Reddy’. This portrayal of a thief with the name of Reddy community has irked some Reddy groups. So they have lodged a complaint to the Censor board to remove these names. The censor board has ordered to cut the names immediately and the makers obliged to that. So these names are muted in the movie.


The second change is the makers are going to add a dance clip of 40 seconds. This clip contains Nithin dancing for ‘Vellipoke Syamala’ and this clip will be included in ‘Vellipoke Syamala’ song. This change may make the audience watch the movie once again.

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