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Movie Review : Shatamanam Bhavati

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
January 16, 2017

Movie Review : Shatamanam Bhavati

Indiglamour Rating: 3.5

Date of Release: 14th January 2017

Run time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Censor: U

Movie Review Shatamanam Bhavati

Movie Review Shatamanam Bhavati

What is the story all about?

The story is all about a grandfather called Raju living happily with his wife and grandson. Everything is fine except the fact that he misses his children who are living far abroad. So he cleverly implements a plan to bring them back as a get-together. But the wife finds out the clever plan and from then on the problem arises with a twist. The rest of the story is all about the small turbulences created within the family members due to the reunion and their association with their father.

How is Sharwanand Performance?

After many movies, Sharwanand is back to his original decent performance. His settle acting and clean dialogue delivery are attractive. His love scenes with heroine Anupama is romantic. He has excelled in sentiment scenes with his grandparents. His screen presence is the main highlight of the story.

How are Anupama and other actors performance?

Anupama Parameswaran is the perfect casting for her role. She didn’t waste her chance to prove herself as the single heroine. With this movie, she only increased her opportunity levels in the industry. She looks so glamorous within limits and her scenes with Sharwa is lovely. As usual, the pair of Prakash and Jayasudha is perfect. Naresh has a nice role. Other actors did their best.

Did Satish do justice to the film?

The direction and narration have done the magic of same old story in a nice presentation like the saying old wine in new bottle. With predictable storyline, he changed the emotions level to intensify the story by using lead characters in a perfect way. The only complaint form his is the weak predictable climax or otherwise he is almost perfect with his job.

How is the Photography?

Camera work by Sameer Reddy is laudable. The visuals are extremely magnificent with nice village settings. His colors and shades are so natural in the village atmosphere. His work added extra glamor to the movie

Music by Mickey J Meyer?

We all knew Mickey is the perfect choice to family entertainers in a village backdrop. Mickey repeated his magic with soothing songs. His background music elevated the emotions in the movie. Music is another highlight in this flick.

Thumbs up:

  • Lead actor’s performance

  • DOP

  • Music

  • Direction

Thumbs Down:

  • Predictable story line

  • Weak climax

  • Forced comedy

Bottom line:    blend of emotional drama

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