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Review : Khaidi No 150

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
January 11, 2017


Review : Khaidi No 150

Indiglamour Rating: 3.25

Date of Release: 11th January 2017

Run time: 2 hours 27 minutes

Censor: U/A

Khaidi No 150 Review

Khaidi No 150 Review

What is the story all about?

Kathi Srinu is a thief who does robbery for his living along with his assistant Ali. He has a capability of escaping from prison whenever he wishes for. Once he decides to leave the country for Bangkok to lead a permanent happy life, he incidentally finds Sankar (Hydrolody Student Chiru) in an accident. To escape from police, he enters into the real life of Sankar and he gives Sankar to police. Everything goes well until one day Srinu comes to know the tragedy of Sankar and his fight for his village called Neeruru. Then the rest of the story is all about how Srinu solved the villager’s problems in the name of Sankar.

How is Mega Star Performance?

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is the main highlight of the film. His performance is top notch. Even though he was seen a bit uneasy with very few movements, overall he graced the dance floor superbly. He has shown complete variation as Mass Srinu who is funny, naughty and powerful. Other as Sankar an educated well mannered soft charactered guy who can’t even fight with goons. Overall the Chiranjeevi completely showed his power in fights and dialogues. Typical Chiru mark expressions are a treat to watch. He has excelled in emotional scenes with ease. Finally Boss is really back with his thunder performance.

How is Kajal and other actors performance?

Kajal Agarwal looks so glamorous in this film. She matched her charm with Megastar in dances and love scenes. Even though she has less screen space, she impressed well. Ali and Brahmanandam did their best to entertain audiences with their mark comedy. Posani once again did a funny rowdy role. The villain is ok and he can do better. Other actors like getup srinu, Jaya Prakash, Auto Ramprasad etc did well. Old people who were carried throughout the film along with Chiru are actually real old age home residents. They impressed all in emotion scenes.

Did V.V Vinayak do justice to the film?

Vinayak despite pressure did his best for this film. Even though this subject is so intensely emotional. His incorporation of comedy and songs played well in this movie. He changed his style of making to adapt himself to the story. Unlike Akhil, he played safe for this flick. He focused more on Classical Chiru trademark expressions. Overall, he did a good job with the movie.

How is the Photography?

DOP Rathnavelu proved that his is a top class technician with this movie. He showed us what he can do when he get a manly star like Chiranjeevi. His camera work is one of the main highlights of the movie. He showcased Chiru in an extraordinary way. His work added glamor to Chiru’s face. Songs and fights looked more beautiful and intense with his camera. Rathnavel did his best for the flick.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad?

Being a hardcore fan of Megastar Chiranjeevi, Rockstar DSP has given nice numbers for Chiru to dance. His Mass songs, a melody and a nice background situational song are so nice. His background score helped to elevate Chiru in fights. DSP contributed a lot to his movie for Chiru.

Thumbs up:

Chiru’s performance

Action sequences

Songs and BGM




Thumbs Down:


Weak climax

Predictable storyline

Bottom line: Boss is back with a bang!!!!

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