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Kabali targets overseas along with India

By Abhi Ram
In Telugu/Tollywood
July 13, 2016

As the release date has announced. ‘Kabali’ has started creating a positive buzz all over the world. This movie is coming to Cinemas on 22nd July worldwide.

Kabali targets overseas along with India

Kabali targets overseas along with India

Distributors have purchased the rights with record prices in India and Overseas. Famous actor turned producer Arun Pandyan has purchased the rights of Singapore for a bomb. As the movie is going to get released in more than 3500 screens in only India, the distributors of overseas, mainly in America are planning to utilize the craze of Rajinikanth to the maximum. They are going to release this movie in almost 400 screens which include Tamil and Telugu versions. This is the highest release in terms of numbers.


Already the promotions have been doing in never seen the way. Posters everywhere irrespective of country and region. Sim cards and icon in WhatsApp is the other level. Posters on the aeroplane are the height of ‘Kabali’ promotions in the history of Indian Cinema.

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