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Janatha Garage Movie Review

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
September 1, 2016

Movie : Janatha Garage

Release Date: 1st September 2016

Rating : 3.25

Cast and Crew : NTR, Mohanlal, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Unni Mukundan, and others

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Dialogues : Siva Koratala

Cinematography : Thirunnavukkarasu

Story, Screenplay and Direction: Siva Koratala

Producers : Naveen Yerneni, Mohan, Ravi Shankar.

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Brief Introduction:

This film has started with the minimum hype when Koratala Siva declared that NTR and Mohanlal will be sharing screen space. Right then, there is no stop for the increasing buzz on the movie. The first look posters, Teasers, and trailers have kept the expectations above the sky. Instant hit of the audio has added more buzz. Let us see whether Koratala Siva and NTR have achieved the hat-trick in their careers or not.

What is the story all about?

Anand (NTR) is a huge admirer and protector of nature who won’t let anyone spare they damage the nature and trees. Satyam (Mohanlal) is a man who always helps the needy and poor under the name of Janatha Garage with his team. On a certain day, Anand gets into a brawl with Satyam and his Janatha Garage members. During this fight, Satyam instantly likes NTR and his commitment. So Satyam approached and offers a place to NTR in Janatha Garage to fight for the needy. Did Anand accept the offer from Satyam, why Satyam did only choose Anand, what is the relationship between Satyam and NTR, what is the rest of the story? The answers to all these questions should be seen on big screen.

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Artist’s Performances:
NTR has proved that he is the right casting for his character. His performance is at peaks. He has attained a maturity level which can’t be possible for any actor of his age. His performance in Rajeev Kanakala episode is a treat to watch. His combination scenes with Mohanlal are refreshing. His dialogue delivery has a nice change with Koratala mark. Mohan Lal’s performance is flawless. What can we say about his mature and intense performance? He is a huge plus to the movie. He kept on proving the reason for being a superstar.

Nithya Menon did well for her role. She is the main lead in this movie. Samantha has done her best. Both the heroines have less screen space to prove their skills. Kajal Agarwal has stunned with her glamor in her special song. Rajeev Kanakala, Sai Kumar, Ajay, Suresh, Devayani, Banerjee, Brahmaji have done their best to their characters without any mistakes. Unni Mukundan did an ok job as a baddie along with Sachin Khedekar.

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review


NTR and Mohan Lal
Music and Background score


Weak entertainment
Slow pace


Music by Devi Sri Prasad is a huge plus to the movie. his background score has increased the intensity in fights and emotional scenes. Production values are also a huge asset to the movie. the frames are rich and colorful. Camera work by Thiru is at its best. He has shown Mumbai and Hyderabad in a nice way. Editing is ok but it should be a bit better as the run time appeared to be dragged a bit.

Director Koratala Siva has almost reached the expectations but he has not excelled par to his previous films. His direction and screenplay are nice but his narration and the predictable story line are not so impressive. He has managed to pull the movie with the dialogues. He opened the story well but he needed to be a bit careful in the climax. He changed some equations in the commercial format in a nice way but on some issues, he had stuck to the old format. Overall, his work is nice but not as good as his previous films.

Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Movie Review


The man who has given two masterpieces like ‘Mirchi’ and ‘Srimanthudu’ has expected to be given another masterpiece. Keeping such stars like NTR and Mohan Lal in hand, he can do magic as they both will tear the sky with their performances. But, after watching the movie, this movie is not on par with his previous movies. This movie has some unique nice scenes and refreshing mass sequences but the main entertainment is lacking in the movie.

For the earlier stories, each and every element which is needed for a commercial potboiler is exactly arranged within the story but for this ‘Janatha Garage’ some of the elements are missing and they are clearly making the difference.

The movie opens with a nice introduction. Some scenes like NTR with his dad Suresh reminds us about ‘Srimanthudu’ movie’s Mahesh and Jagapati’s scenes but they are ok. The first half has no entertainment factor except NTR’s dance, fights and his limited performance in comedy with the heroines. As the movie is going at a slow pace, NTR and Mohan Lal’s confrontation and combination scenes will raise the bar and keeps viewers back on track with excitement. Overall, the first half is not more than ok. NTR’s dances, fights, and comedy are the only nice things in this half. Interval bang is nice as both NTR and Mohan Lal have shown their talent.

The second half is very nice compared to the first half. This half is the savior of the movie. Rajeev Kanakala’s episode will be the best in the career of NTR as he impressed all the classes of audiences with his skills. There on, this movie goes with high intensity with amazing background score. The climax of the movie is not impressive as the baddies are also a minus for the movie. For powerful stars like NTR and Mohan Lal, this movie needs much more strong baddies. The climax appeared to be stretched for the sake of fights. The special song from Kajal is a nice entertainment for mass audiences. The equation between the villain and Janatha Garage should have been written in a better way to keep the pace until the end of the movie.

If the much needed powerful climax with a powerful connection between the villains and Janatha Garage, this movie would have been in other level but the weak climax has let down this wonderful project in a routine level. With normal first half, and a powerful second half, this movie is a nice movie for all the movie lovers and for mass audiences, this movie may disappoint you as there is no enough mass content in the film.

But for the people who love to see the mature NTR in a new way, this movie is definitely a treat to watch as NTR has nailed his character throughout the film.

Verdict: A slow driven film with a good concept.

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