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Inkokkadu Movie Review

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
September 8, 2016

Movie               :    Inkokkadu

Release Date:    8th September 2016
Rating              :    2.75
Cast and Crew:    Vikram, Nayantara, Nithya Menon, Thambi Ramaiah, Karunakar, Rithvika and others
Music                   :    Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography    :    R.D Rajasekhar
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Anand Shankar
Producers        :    Shibu Thameens

Inkokkadu Movie Review

Inkokkadu Movie Review

Brief Introduction:

Vikram is the name each and every movie lover in South India amazes whenever they see his movie. He has got a strong market in Telugu along with Tamil. Apart from ‘Aparichitudu’, he has got no hits and still he is working hard to transform himself into any character. After a series of flops, he is back with ‘Inkokkadu’ and gained enough buzz with trailers. After a long time, he is playing a double role and this excites his fans. Let us see how this hyped movie has appeared on the big screen.

What is the story all about?

Akhil (Vikram) is an ex-Raw agent who gets a new assignment to work along with Aayushi (Nithya) to capture a drug lord Love (Villain Vikram). Love is a drug lord who was never seen by anyone who manufactures drugs filled in Asthma Inhalers and those drugs give instant high and more strength for 5 minutes. Akhil takes up this mission not only to capture such a drug lord but also with a personal reason for his own private life as Love in the past kills the wife of Akhil that is Nayanatara. So did Akhil find love? Did he take revenge on Love? How and why did Love kill Nayantara forms the rest of the story

Artist’s Performances:

Vikram has once again proved his versatility and his uniqueness in transforming his persona into the characters of the plot. He is flawless in both the characters. His intelligent and fighting character as Raw agent and his ruthless, cunning and villain shades as Love has nailed the show. His variations in both the characters are a treat to watch.

Nithya Menon is good and nice for her role. Nayantara’s role is limited but yet she has got attention with her charming presence. She looks ultra glamorous. Thambi Ramaiah excels as Muthaiah. Karunakar is ok as Peter and Rithvika did a small role which is decent.



  • Vikram as Akhil and Love

  • Cinematography

  • Production Values

  • Background score



  • Routine screenplay

  • Dialogues and lyrics in Telugu.



Technicalities are also a huge plus to the movie. Production values are the highlights of the film as each and every frame looks so rich and nice. The cinematography is stunning as it has added extra glamor to each frame. Editing is crisp and nice.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is quite nice and it’s the lyrics, which has spoiled the Telugu songs. But his background music is the strong point and saving factor for the film. His score elevated the movie in interval and climax. Director Anand has done a nice job in presenting a screenplay based investigation story well in first half. But he has let down the pace in second half. He has failed to keep the viewer in thrilled and he has let the viewer predict the coming scenes. Overall, he has succeeded to present a nice story and Vikram in a nice way.



Keeping an actor like Vikram in hand, anyone can do wonders as Sankar has proved this twice with ‘Aparichitudu’ and ‘I’. Vikram is always ready to transform himself into any character and mainly he loves doing negative shades with ease. He has proved the same in this movie. He has excelled both as an ex-Raw agent and a big ruthless drug lord. His variations in both the characters are a lesson for many.

This film is based on the screenplay as the plot is a thrilling cat and mouse chase between an agent who suffers from personal revenge and a drug lord. For this kind of thrillers, the screenplay is a must and yes the director has excelled in his screenplay as he made the audience hand to their chairs as he unfolded the story in a nice and crispy way with an amazing interval block. The first half is exciting with a nice bang.

As we move into the second half, things go slow as the narration becomes a bit slower with non-synchronizing songs and scenes. Scenes go quite predictive and viewers feel the story is lagging. It’s then the character of Love, which brings the audience back to the plot with his amazing action combined with hilarious performance yet scary. The interval is quite gripping and powerful as the story ends in a nice action feel.

Overall, this movie is only for the fans of hardcore action lovers. If you need a nice attempt with amazing action visuals and stunning performance, this movie is for you to watch once. For the people who need a commercial family entertainer, this movie may disappoint you. For any kind of audience, if you ignore the predictable storyline, this movie is a must to watch for once to see Vikram’s talent and skills

Verdict:   Only for action lovers and Vikram’s fans.

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