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Chuttalabbayi Movie Review

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
August 19, 2016

Movie               :    Chuttalabbayi

Release Date:    19th August 2016
Rating              :    2.5
Cast and Crew:    Aadi, Namitha Pramod, Sai Kumar, Abhimanyu Singh, Posani Krishna Murali, and others
Music                   :    S.S Thaman
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Veerabhadram Chowdary.
Producer        :    Venkatesh Talari

Chuttalabbayi Movie Review

Chuttalabbayi Movie Review

Brief Introduction:

Even debuted with a hit film, hero Aadi’s career has come down drastically with routine movies. He has selected Veerabhadram Chowdary to come up with a mass entertainer. With series of flops, this film is a must hit film for Aadi. To support son, Sai Kumar has donned an important character in this film and shared screen space with his son. On the flip side, director Veerabhadram too needs a hit after the dud ‘Bhai’. With the trailer being a routine mass entertainer, one should wait and see how far Aadi can entertain us.

What is the story all about?

Babji (Aadi) works as a recovery agent and he intends to get impressed by a girl named Kavya (Namitha Pramod). Kavya, for various reasons, is in an escaping run as she poses a threat from her family avoids Babji. One day, Babji saves Kavya when some gang from her family attacks Kavya. This fight leads to a concept for Kavya’s brother as he thinks Babji is everything behind this escape run. The family of Kavya targets Babji along with Kavya.

Babji then decides that changing location is the only option left for him and then takes Kavya to his native village and introduces her to his family as his best friend. During their stay in that village, Kavya falls for Babji and they both fall in love. In this nice time, Kavya’s family with another bad gang attack Babji and his family. So we must watch the movie find out how Babji resolved this big problem and to find out whether he married his love or not.

Artist’s Performances:

Aadi has improved a lot in his performance and we can see his improvement in terms of screen presence. He has seemed to be worked really hard by improving his negative points. He has again presented amazing dance moves and stunned us with his stunts. Namitha Pramod is ok for her role and she can be better. Sai Kumar has helped a lot despite less screen space and his performance helped a bit for the second half.

Comedians like Prudhvi, Posani Krishna Murali, Raghu babu and senior Ali has done their best to generate comedy. Mainly, Prudhvi has again become one of the highlights for comedy in this movie. Other actors did their best for their respective roles.



  • Aadi’s all round performance

  • Production Values

  • Comedy

  • Sai Kumar


  • Routine screenplay

  • Boring scenes

  • Namitha Pramod


Producers have made an immense contribution to the film as each and every frame looks so rich and nice. The cinematography is good and the best part is the camera work for village backdrop. Dialogues and editing could have been better and they are average for the film. Composer Thaman’s tunes are instant saviors but none of the songs have registered as chartbusters but he has provided decent background score.

Director Veerabhadram Chowdary has again failed in providing a tight screenplay. Even though his portrayal and his narration are good, his lack of knowledge in the screenplay is a huge let down. He pushed first half as a decent mass entertainer, but he literally spoiled the second half or else this movie would certainly be an above average film. Compared to ‘Bhai’, he has done a nice job for ‘Chuttalabbayi’.


This movie has been touted as a mass entertainer. Right from the trailer, this movie has sent the message that this movie is just like any other routine mass masala comedy entertainer. But still, this movie has got a vibe that at least comedy may be at its best.

It is true as the movie has got a nice comedy done by star comedians. Director has cleverly used his cast to generate much-needed comedy to take the story further. The first half is good with characters, comedy and nice dance numbers. Interval bang may leave viewer that they are heading towards a routine hit film but predictable story. The only letdown is the heroine’s bad performance that irritates viewer. Prudhvi is the main highlight of the first half.

Coming to the second half, this is full of routine and predictable scenes. The heroine’s performance on par with other actors in village backdrop mismatches, thereby pushing the audience away from interest in the plot. Despite the presence of Sai Kumar, except him, none impressed and saved the second half. Some strong characterization and improvement in the screenplay would have taken this movie to another league.

On a whole, this movie is one such normal mass entertainer with predictable plot and scenes with a nice first half and a boring second half. If we exclude the boring parts and watch for mass elements like dances, fights, and nice comedy, this film may be watched once and for the people who want to watch a hit film, then you may be disappointed.

Verdict: It has nothing new to offer. Worth for a one time watch.

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