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Another controversy on Srinu Vaitla

By Abhi Ram
In Movies
October 2, 2017

Srinu Vaitla for sure is currently experiencing very hard phase in his entire career. Apart from facing series of disasters, he has been surrounded by multiple issues with the producers.

Another controversy on Srinu Vaitla

Another controversy on Srinu Vaitla

Srinu Vaitla has bit the dust for the first time in his career after the flop of Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu. More than the flop, he was pointed out by fans due to his fights with the writer Kona Venkat and actor Prakash Raj. He failed to utilize a golden opportunity of directing money machine mega power star Ram Charan Tej’s mass image with Bruce Lee. After scoring two huge disasters, he finally got his last and final chance with the movie Mister. Despite going for low budget, he has spent more than the hero Varun Tej’s market and ended up leaving 15 crores of losses to the producers Tagore Madhu and Nallamalapu Srinivas.

Now it came to know that the producer Tagore Madhu has filed a case on Srinu Vaitla to payback his remuneration as he is the only reason for the losses. Madhu backs up his complaint that Srinu has added extra song and unwanted scenes in Mister and he agreed to refund in case if he fails to deliver a hit. According to the legal agreements, Madhu declared Srinu has violated the contract so he filed a case in Producers Council. Now, this producer offers a choice that either Srinu Vaitla should return his remuneration or he should do a movie for free. All are waiting for Srinu Vaitla’s response for this allegation.

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