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Aatadukundam Raa Movie Review

By Abhi Ram
In Movie Review
August 19, 2016

Movie : Aatadukundam Raa

Release Date: 19th August 2016

Rating : 2.5

Cast and Crew: Sushanth, Sonam Bajwa, Preethi, Brahmanandam, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali, Pruthvi, Raghu Babu, Vennela Kishore and others

Music : Anup Rubens
Cinematography : Dasaradhi

The story, Screenplay and Direction: G.Nageswara Reddy.

Producers : Naga Susheela, Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao

Aatadukundam Raa Movie Review

Aatadukundam Raa Movie Review

Brief Introduction:

With back to back flops, Sushanth is no more trustworthy as a hero but his family kept encouraging him to see him at least as one hit film hero. Post the release of ‘Adda’, Sushanth took a large gap to score a hit at any cost. He has teamed up with G.Nageshwar Reddy, who has a nice grip on comedy entertainers, and coming to us with Aatadukundam Raa’. Let us see whether they have played with comedy or played with viewer’s patience.

What is the story all about?

Vijay Ram (Murali Sharma) is a rich businessman and later gets deceived by his best friend and suddenly becomes poor and left over with one rice mill for the bread and butter. To help his brother’s (Raghu Babu) daughter to get married, he decides to sell his one and only rice mill. To sell, he has to make his sister’s son sign along with him as they too have the rights on the property. But his sister runs out from his family to marry her love interest. But Vijay Ram finally calls his nephew to have his sign. His nephew Karthik (Sushanth) comes and slowly starts solving the problems of Vijay Ram and becomes everyone’s darling. One day, everyone finds out that Sushanth is actually not his nephew. So we must watch the movie find out the link between Sushanth and Vijay Ram’s family, the reason for helping his family and how he solved their problems.

Artist’s Performances:

Sushanth has improved a lot and we can see his improvement on par with his previous movies. The best thing he has done is changing his looks that helped him in this movie. His dances are nice with added grace. Sonam Bajwa has an amazing screen presence. She did her best in her debut project. Her skin show too is an added glamor for the mass audience.

Pruthvi has become an asset for every movie of his and this movie, too banked on him and his comedy. He didn’t fail to entertain. His combination scenes with Sushanth are hilarious. On contrary to promotions that the team claimed earlier, Brahmanandam’s characterization is a complete failure. So does the character of Vennela Kishore. Other comedians are nice in their roles.

A special mention of Akkineni heroes Naga Chaitanya and Akhil cameos are very nice and they were nicely handled. Their cameos have brought an extra glamor to the film.


First half


Routine plot
Boring scenes
Logic-less screenplay


Anup Rubens has once again proved that he is a loyal and bankable composer for Akkineni family. All his songs are nice and the background is decent. His music during the cameos of Chay and Akhil is impressive. Editing is average as the scenes are a bit slow. The cinematography is nice and suits the ambiance of the film. Film being her son’s, producer Naga Susheela has spent decently to make every frame nice and rich.

Director Nageshwar Reddy is not at his best. His work will appear worse compared to his previous works and hit films. His experience in comedy has worked out and the way he presented the Akkineni heroes is excellent as he used the maximum out of their cameos.


Sushanth has taken a gap for coming back with a sure shot hit. He has worked out his best to change his looks and body language. His efforts are seen in the movie in every aspect such as dances, fights, and comedy. Director Nageshwar Reddy who is strong in comical scripts has let down these wonderful chance of scoring a hit for both with his bad and logic less screenplay. The film has songs, dances, nice cinematography but the failure in the screenplay and lack of nice plot with good connectivity would have made this movie a hit film in Sushanth’s career. Forcible incorporation of comedy in the ongoing story without logics is the main drawback of the film.

The story starts off with a nice emotional mood. Then it takes off with the required intensity for about half an hour and then suddenly drops the flow. Here, the incorporation of comedy scenes are hilarious but they seemed to be illogical. Then again the story flows and ends up with a nice and interesting twist for interval bang. The first half is good with nice songs and comedy with required take off.

The second half seems to be more illogical and the plot is completely let down. The introduction of much hyped Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore has failed in a big way. Then the second half runs according to the routine formula with comedy, songs, and cameos. Then the story ends on a sillier note with much more comedy rather than necessary emotions. Overall the second half is the regular movie format and only comedy is the highlight in it. Camoes by cousins is good but they too appear unnecessary and helpless.

Sushanth’s efforts and Prithvi’s comedy are the only two points in the movie to watch and logic less plot with bad screenplay has let down the film. If we forget logics and bank on some entertainment with comedy, this film can be watched once.

Verdict: Script played with Sushanth’s sincere efforts.

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