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WOW! Shruti Hassan Just Collaborated With An Oscar Winner, Find Out Who it Is

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
January 16, 2017

Shruti Hassan finally worked with Oscar winner A R Rahman. She sang ‘Raanjha Raanjha’ along with the Oscar winner, the young actress says; singing with Rahman was one of the most surreal moments of her life.

Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan told a leading daily, “As a singer and musician, I enjoy challenging myself to push the boundaries and keep trying to do something new. The song ‘Ranjha Ranjha’ is an unconventional choice for me I would think, especially in a setup like Unplugged. But when it came from Rahman Sir, who I’ve looked up to, I knew I had to just flow with it. Singing live and keeping up with an entire orchestra was incredibly exciting and extremely gratifying.”

Shruti Hassan had her own band and some biggest music critics of India said she is a good singer. We hope one day Shruti and Rahman will collaborate for a film song.


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