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What Made Kollywood Actor Shanthnu Bhagyaraj Lose His Temper?

By Adity Bera
In Tamil/Kollywood
June 25, 2019

   Shanthnu Bhagyaraj is not a happy person these days and he wants his fans to know why he is not feeling generous. It is Nadigar Sangam election that is bothering me. Shanthnu feels Nadigar Sangam election is getting dirtier with time. He is not blaming everyone involving with the election, instead he has issues with only some members and he is not even hiding the names. His recent tweets were explosive and his interview will make some Kollywood personalities uncomfortable.

This is what Shanthnu posted on Twitter, ““Actually the public DONT give a damn about what’s happening here cuz there are BIGGER problems to worry about in the society ! WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT ! Influencers, I know u are doing ur job,but pls save it for something more productive. I really wish the media stops giving so much importance to this and takes up other issues which will favour the public !”

Not sure how Nadigar Sangam members will react to his tweets and if they will take any action against the actor. But this will definitely create some controversy and some actors may take sides.

Stay tuned right here we will bring you more details on this soon.


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