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Shocking!!! Vidya Balan Describes Her Horrible Experience While Working On A Kollywood Film.

By Adity Bera
In Tamil/Kollywood
August 27, 2019

Bollywood respect Vidya Balan, and Bollywood script writers write roles keeping her in mind. But Vidya who started her film career with Tamil films had a horrible experience while working in Kollywood as a newcomer. Vidya was promoting her superhit film Mission Mangal and she called an old incident. She went to Chennai and started shooting for a Tamil film. Vidya did not know producers already replaced her with another actress. They did not tell her.

Vidya says she was thrown out of the set and the experience left a bad taste in her mouth. She will never forget this even after achieving worldwide fame. Vidya said she was so shaken up after the incident that her parents went to Chennai to console her. These days Kollywood offer Vidya huge remuneration but Vidya only says yes after making sure she will not be humiliated.

Vidya did mention that Kollywood is not the only industry down south where she had bad experience. She was also replaced in Malayalam films. The rejection made her question her ability and she used to look at the mirror to find flaws in her.

Well done for getting over the hard times like a boss.


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