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Raghava Lawrence Just Posted A Heart Felt Message On His Facebook Account And His Message Will Make You Cry For A Good Reason

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
January 14, 2017

Raghava Lawrence did not wish his fans happy pongal today. Instead he posted a long message on his Facebook page. His message will make every Tamilian little bit emotional.

Raghava Lawrence

Raghava Lawrence wrote, “Hi friends and fans, I don’t feel happy to wish you all for this Pongal as one of our rightful practice has been banned. Jallikattu is our cultural sport, and it represents our historical tradition.

I am proud to see how Tamilians from all sections have united to fight against this ban. If we are united as one, I feel our cultural rights cannot be taken away from us ever. We have kept our traditions alive for thousands and thousands of years, and I believe it will continue to remain so till mankind exist.

I pray to god that this ban is removed so that we can celebrate our cultural festival with joy!”

Raghava Lawrence is not the only person who is feeling bad this pongal. A lot of young people in Chennai believe, some authorities are making them feel bad about an age old tradition. Even megastar Kamal Hassan is talking about this, he even said if Jallikattu is not acceptable, then why we have no problem with Biryani?



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