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Prayaga Martin Loves Kollywood And Looking For Better Opportunities Here!

By Adity Bera
In Tamil/Kollywood
May 30, 2019

Actress Prayaga Martin admits she feels emotional when she meets her fans in real life. She never expected so much love from her fans. They genuinely love her. Prayaga is also working on Malayalam and Kannada films, but she is not shy to say that Kollywood is her first love. She is thankful for her debut film. One film made her an overnight superstar. She is getting accolades from Tamil cinema fans right after her debut film’s release.

Pragya Martin

Prayaga made her debut with critically acclaimed film Pisasu. A conventional role helped her to get noticed. During a recent interview Prayaga admitted that she is thankful to director Mysskin for offering her such a great debut project. Not many actresses are lucky enough to get opportunities like that, specially so early in their career.

When interviewer asked why she thinks Kollywood is more special than other industries she said she cannot exactly point out one reason behind her statement. She believes Kollywood filmmakers work with the best scripts and the technicians make the films look like Hollywood films.

Prayaga is now waiting for more good Tamil films to work on. She wants to do different genres. All the best to her.



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