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Malayalam Actor Siddique Criticized Kollywood Superstar Vijay And Fans Are Not Amused!

By Adity Bera
In Tamil/Kollywood
May 9, 2019

Malayalam actor Siddique criticized Kollywood superstar Vijay in his latest interview, fans of the superstar are not happy. They took social media and showed their anger. Some even said that Siddique made the comments to become famous, he is a character actor and till now not many Kollywood fans knew his name. Vijay made Siddique famous; at least Vijay’s fans feel that way. Siddique is not a fan of Vijay and he made this clear.


Siddique in his latest interview did not shy away from showing his angers towards Kollywood either. He said Mollywood gives good opportunity to character actor like him. He also praised Mohanlal and Mammootty for doing films that give opportunity to character actors like him. He said these two superstars are keeping actors employed. Then he said something that got him in trouble. He said Kollywood character actors are not that lucky. Kollywood may have superstars like Vijay but he cannot act, so other performers don’t get opportunity.

Siddique was just voicing his opinion. This is not the first time when someone criticized a star and had to face anger from his fans.

Vijay is a superstar for decades and he has millions of fans who love him. So we hope he is not feeling very bad about the comments.




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