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Kollywood Legend Kamal Hassan Just Made A Controversial Comment But This Time He Did Not Angered Any Hindus

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
January 10, 2017

Kollywood superstar Kamal Hassan is targeting a certain religious group with his words again, but at least this time he is not targeting Hindus, actually he is talking in favor of them, yes we are surprised too.

Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan says, “I am a big fan of Jallikattu and steps should be taken to hold the traditional game of the Tamils. Those who hate Jallikattu should also hate biriyani. Will they ban biriyani too in the same way they banned Jallikattu? I am probably one of few actors who have played Jallikattu. I am a proud Tamilian, this is our culture.”

This is the first time Kamal Hassan is defending his own culture. But he is right; Jallikattu is not the only Indian tradition that harms innocent animals. It is not just Kamal, even young men and women of Chennai want to save this old tradition.



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