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Kabali Review – Rajinikanth Means Paisa Vasool

By Kavery Rameshbabu
In Movie Review
July 22, 2016
 Kabali Review

Kabali Review

We watched Kabali and we can safely say that Rajinikanth mania is here to stay. Let’s begin Kabali review now.
Kabali is about an aging Gangster and his dilemmas. He is not as powerful as he used to be. Young rivals are making his “business” difficult. On top of that, his daughter is also going against him. She made her own “crime group”.
This is an honest Kabali review, so we are going to write the truth. Kabali does not have the most innovative story. It is way too simple for 2016 Tamil movies. The screenplay is also not the best. There are many flaws. Most of the characters remained underdeveloped. Kabali second half is also lengthier than it should be. But Kabali still worked, only because the hero of the movie is Rajinikanth.
Pa Ranjith gave Rajinikanth an age appropriate role. Rajini is not trying to act young in Kabali. He is playing the role of a powerful man. Rajini walks like a king. Rajini‘s screen presence is more powerful than any other Indian actor. It is Rajini’s acting that makes all the difference. Kabali is entertaining only because of Rajinikanth’s superb acting.
Radhika Apte looks cute; Dhansika gave the best performance of her career as the rebel daughter. Dinesh is impressive.
Pa Ranjith did a good job in bringing the best performances from his actors. But he needed to select a better story. His dialogs are also not so good.
Kalaipuli S Thanu gets a special mention for spending a lot of money of Kabali. Malaysian locations are visual treats.
Rajini fans will love Kabali.

Verdict: Kabali rocks , but only for Rajinikanth fans

( 3 / 5.0 )
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