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How Twitter Trolls Completely Misunderstood Kamal Hassan Tweet!!!

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
December 7, 2016

Kamal Hassan did not attend Jayalalitha’s funeral. He did not even post a picture of Jayalalitha on his twitter. Instead, he posted a cryptic tweet. According to his tweet, he is feeling bad for people who were dependent on Jayalalitha.

Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan fans/haters started reacting furiously after they read the tweet. As if this tweet changed lots of things. No one will respect Amma after reading this tweet. The fans thought the actor is insulting their beloved Amma. He always had different political views and his fans know that. However, twitter users thought he showed bad judgment by making fun of a just deceased politician.  Kamal did not delete his tweet. He is not saying anything at the moment.

To be honest, Kamal Hassan never insulted Chennai‘s beloved Amma. He was just making fun of people who needed Amma’s help for everything in their lives. This is one Indian actor who never had any problem with expressing his own views. His twitter account is for sharing his opinions with his fans. He simply did that again. He also does the same thing with his movies. His movies are not like other Kollywood movies we see. We may not like all his movies/opinions, but we need to salute him for having an original view on life.





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