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Happy Birthday Kamal Hassan: 5 Interesting Facts About The Legend You May Not Know Yet!

By Adity Bera
In Tamil/Kollywood
November 7, 2019

 Happy Birthday Kamal Hassan, the star is celebrating his 65th birthday from fans all over the world. Stars from Bollywood and Kollywood are also wishing him a happy birthday.

Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan is a legend and a rebel, he does not care for his image if he wants to say something he says it without thinking how people will see him as a person after that. Political parties hate him but his fans take inspiration from him, he teaches them how to live life without pleasing others.

Love Kamal Hassan like us? Do you know these five lesser facts mentioned below about him?

  1. Kamal Hassan once did a Bengali film titled Kabita.
  2. Kamal married twice but sadly both his marriages ended in divorce.
  3. Kamal Hassan was supposed to be the hero of Ghayal, the film that launched Sunny Deol in Bollywood.
  4. Kamal holds the record of playing most number of characters in one film.
  5. Kamal is a trained dancer and he loves to show his love for the art whenever he can.

Kamal is working on multiple films and very soon we will watch him on big screen again.


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