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Guess Who Made Kamal Hassan Very Emotional?

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
October 24, 2016

Kamal Hassan cannot believe twitter users still remember the exact release date of two of his classic movies. A grateful Kamal tweeted this, “Touched by admirers remembering Nayakan & Kurithippunal. Hoping to make you happy in future. Applause gives my life and art more meaning”. He is happy and now he wants to make his fans happy also.

Kamal Hassan

Nayakan was the film that made Kamal Hassan an icon. He was always a good actor, but that movie made him a legend. Kamal fans believe no other actor can do a movie like Nayakan. Even today people watch that film and talk about it on social media.



Kamal Hassan made countless movies. Not all his movies worked at the box office, but his fans enjoyed most of his movies. Critics also love Kamal’s acting. His next movie Sabash Naidu, which he is also directing will release on 2017.


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