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Bairavaa Vijay Is Making Someone Very Worried

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
November 5, 2016

Bairavaa Vijay is the darling of his fans. But that is not always a good thing. A.R.K.Muthuram, the owner of Bairavaa’s latest shooting location is worried about crowd disturbance during shooting. He does not what to do if Vijay fans decide to visit him during shooting.


Bairavaa filming is almost done. Vijay is shooting the climax scenes right now.  A.R.K.Muthuram told behindwoods, “We are so happy to be the hosts for the Bairavaa team. They are currently shooting the montage scenes and Vijay sir is expected to reach here in another two days. He will be shooting here for one full day and we are very much excited about that. People have crowded outside the theatre already and we are scared about how we are going to control the crowd when Vijay comes.”

It seems too much popularity is causing Vijay some problems, we are kidding of course.

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