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Akshay Kumar Has An Unique Profession In 2.0

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
December 3, 2016

First pictures of Akshay Kumar from 2.0 left his fans puzzled. No one actually knew why Akshay has such a unique look. Now we finally have some information about Akshay’s character in 2.0.


A source told Indiatimes, “The central theme of 2.0 revolves around birds and their characteristics. Thousands of exotic birds like macaws, cockatoos, and African gray parrots, were brought to the set, and Akshay shot a few scenes featuring these exotic birds. Interestingly, these birds play a pivotal role in taking the film forward. These scenes were shot at huge sets which were erected in Chengalpattu and Thirukalukundram.” According to him, Akshay Kumar is playing a bird lover in 2.0.

Akshay Kumar is the scary bad guy of 2.0. His character and Rajinikanth’s character will have lots of confrontation scenes.” 2.0” has a huge budget. The makers want people to see as an Indian movie, and not a Kollywood film.

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