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Actress Sangeetha Bhat Is Making Kollywood Debut With Aarambame Attagasam

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
November 21, 2016

Sangeetha Bhat is a well-known name in Kannada film industry. She is making her debut in Kollywood now. Sangeetha does not think Kollywood is very different from Kannada film industry.

Sangeetha Bhat

“Along with three Kannada films, my Tamil film Aarambame Attagasam is also ready for release. I portray a poor female protagonist who tries her best to get all she desires in life through love; these past three years have been wonderful, since my debut in Preethi Geethi Ityaadi. I have worked in all the three languages — Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil.” Sangeetha Bhat told deccanchronicle.

Sangeetha Bhat looks very glamorous. But she still stayed away from playing typical heroine roles. She wants people to talk about her roles, acting and not just the way she looks. The actress hates the way people create difference between art films and commercial cinemas. She wants to do good movies with memorable roles; genre and language do not matter.


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