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Sandra Thomas Writes An Emotional Facebook Post To Explain Why She Filed A Case Against Mollywood Actor Vijay Babu

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
January 7, 2017

Yesterday Sandra Thomas took to Facebook to tell her side of the story. In case you do not know Sandra is currently fighting a legal case against Mollywood actor Vijay Babu.

Sandra Thomas

Sandra Thomas wrote,” We always celebrated our accomplishments. There was no jealousy involved. On a minor quarrel between us, our ‘toxic’ friends have found ways to rain on our parade, introducing storms and tempests of invalidation, apparently with the motive of belittlement and degradation. Still they often disguise themselves as ‘honest’ or ‘helpful’. Our issues are being sorted out between us and nothing can emotionally exhaust me. Here I raise the red flag for such emotional vampires who are trying to worsen things, propagating fallacious versions. Nothing can put a shade on the light of friendship.”

Vijay Babu applied for an anticipatory bail. We hope Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu will be able to make a settlement soon.



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