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Revathy’s Film Virus Is Winning Hearts Everywhere! Must Watch For Every Movie Lover.

By Adity Bera
In Malayalam/Mollywood
June 10, 2019

Revathy’s Film Virus is winning hearts everywhere, Virus is a Malayalam film but film is generating interest outside Kerala due to its touching subject. Revathy, Parvathy, and all the other actors are getting good reviews for their realistic performances. Aashiq Abu chose tricky subject. The film focuses on last year’s Nipah virus outbreak and how it shook entire population of Kerala. Nipah is back again, however situation is much less scary this year.


Virus film tells the story of a young nurse, played by a brilliant Rima Kallingal. This young nurse took care of a Nipah virus patient, but unfortunately she caught the virus herself. Her husband is in dilemma, as everyone is asking him to isolate his wife. But the couple has a young child, and the wife still breastfeeds her child. But she cannot anymore? Will the female health minister understand her problem and help her? Revathy as the health minister once again reminded her fans why she is one of Mollywood’s all-time great actresses.

The story is realistic and film never went over the top. So many brilliant performers, most of them did cameo appearance, but the writing is brilliant and every actor managed to make impact.

Virus is a must watch film. Go catch the film at your nearest cinema hall.


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