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Pulimurugan Review

By Nibha
In Malayalam/Mollywood
October 7, 2016

Mohanlal is the star. The audiences went to the theater to see Mohanlal. No idea, why the director decided to add such an elaborate credit. He thanked everyone and then finally the film started. But again, wait for the hero. Pulimurugan is an action movie. We needed action from the first scene. Can you believe that a Mohanlal movie does not have Mohanlal for first 30 minutes? We were seriously bored. What was the director thinking?


Mohanlal’s first scene makes up for the lackluster beginning. In the first scene, Mohanlal is fighting with the Tiger. This scene is scary. But you will not able to take your eyes away from this scene. Mohanlal is superb in this scene. We all know this is not true, but somehow Mohanlal makes the scene look real. Pulimurugan is the savior for many people. The story has lots of twists. Some of the twists work, others not so much. Thankfully, Pulimurugan is not a very long movie. So it is not boring at all. However, it is not a great movie either.

Mohanlal is amazing. He is still the best. His screen presence is better than everyone else. However, his age makes the action scenes look less effective. Mohanlal’s action reflex is much slower now. He tried his best. Mohanlal’s character has some memorable dialogs. His fans will not hate the film.

Vysakh tried something new. We must give him some credit for that. But the truth is, we do not expect to see a movie like Pulimurugan in India. This movie needed more special effects and a better cinematography.

Pulimurugan was an enjoyable watch. The movie won our hearts just for its fresh content.

You can watch the film one time.

Rating:4 / 5

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