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Nepotism In Mollywood: Neeraj Madhav Tells His Story!

By Adity Bera
In Malayalam/Mollywood
June 17, 2020

Neeraj Madhav, a promising new actor of Mollywood is now openly talking about nepotism in Mollywood. Giving works to star kids don’t just happen in Bollywood. Malayalam film industry does not exactly welcome outsiders with open arms. The outsiders face criticism, rejection and humiliation but not many want to talk about their “bad experience” due to the fear of getting blacklisted by the industry biggies. Here are some more disturbing facts Neeraj revealed on newcomers in Mollywood.


The actor got his first taste of “being different” when he was served tea in ordinary cup while the senior actors were given tea in expensive glass cups. Neeraj has no problem drinking tea from paper cup but he did not like the difference at same set.

Neeraj wrote that what surprised him most is the presence of a crowd at sets whose only purpose was to judge the newcomers. If a newcomer don’t sit below senior then he/she is arrogant, wearing Sunglass, using cooling fans are also signs of disrespecting elders according to judgemental crowd!

Star kids get better debut films everywhere. Mollywood is also no different but as Neeraj said it is time for directors to cast new actors based on their talent and not on their surname!



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