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Mythili Leaked Pictures: Is Mollywood Not Safe For Actresses Anymore?

By Adity Bera
In Malayalam/Mollywood
July 24, 2017

Mythili was shocked to find out pictures of her real life intimate moments are going viral on the internet. The man who she once loved most did this to her. Her ex-boyfriend Kiran Kumar is now under police custody, but how can she deny the damage?


Those leaked pictures are really intimate, and anyone can still find those pictures online. Mythili has to deal with those leaked pictures for years to come. She will need to answer awful questions. We wonder what is going on in Mollywood! Why Malayalam actresses cannot trust anyone?

Mythili is a talented actress and singer, she never did commercial films, her performances in off-beat films gave her popularity. She was never the “it” girl, but that is how she wanted things to be. She never talked about her personal life.

No wonder most actresses prefer to stay single, as they really cannot trust anyone.


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