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Mollywood Superstar Mohanlal Is In Trouble For Writing His Opinion

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
November 25, 2016

Mollywood actor Mohanlal wrote a powerful blog post about money demonetisation case. Pulimurugan actor supported PM Modi’s step. But he also wrote that he is aware of all the problems common people are facing because of currency issue. However, this is all for a good cause. So everyone needs to deal with it peacefully. The actor just shared his personal opinion.


Pannyan Raveendran, a Kerala state politician is not happy about Mohanlal supporting PM Modi’s act, he said, “Mr. Pulimurugan, common people have made your film a great success. They have spent their hard earned money to watch your movies. I want to remind you that it is not good to insult them. We won’t allow you to do it.”

Mohanlal wrote that if people can stand outside a bar for hours to get liquids then they can also stand outside an ATM for money. Kerala politicians have a problem with this sentence. They think Mohanlal is insulting common people with this line. Ministers feel poor people do not go to a bar, they work hard for their money, it is hard for them to collect money from ATM.

As PM Modi said, things will be better from December onwards. Mohanlal said the same thing. Maybe, he needed to choose some better words.



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