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Mohanlal To Retire From Cinema?

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
October 28, 2016

Remember, we told you that Pulimurugan is an important film in Mohanlal’s career? We were right, according to a source very close to Mohanlal, the actor would have left cinema if Pulimurugan did not work at the box office. He was serious about this. But thankfully, Pulimurugan worked at the box office.


It is not just Mohanlal who was depending on Pulimurugan, new director Vysakh also wanted this film to work. He also believes his career would have ended if Pulimurugan ended up as a box office flop. He is happy that did not happen.

Audiences loved Pulimurugan; the film is still playing at some theaters in Kerala. This movie had a huge budget. A lot of people are happy because Pulimurugan worked at the box office.

We are also very happy, not only because Pulimurugan was a great film to watch, but also Mohanlal will keep doing movies.

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