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Malayalam Actress Abduction Case: P C George Calls Dileep A Humanitarian, Blames Manju Warrier And Cops.

By Adity Bera
In Malayalam/Mollywood
September 15, 2017

P C George is still calling Dileep the main victim in Malayalam actress abduction case. Not only that, George is saying Manju Warrier and a politician’s son are the reason behind Dileep’s long jail stay.


PC George is a huge fan of actor Dileep. George think Dileep did well in Mollywood, and there are many actors who are jealous of Dileep’s success, these jealous people trapped Dileep with a false case. George has no problem in saying Manju Warrier trapped her ex-husband, even though he has no evidence against his claim.

It will be interesting to see how Manju will react, but so far she maintained a classy dignity, so she may do the same again. Dileep did file another bail plea yesterday but that was from another jail, his move surprised many.

Cops were questioning Nadir Shah, but it was delayed due to Nadir’s high blood pressure.


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