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Guppy Movie Review

By Nibha
In Malayalam/Mollywood
August 5, 2016

Guppy is a sensitive movie. We can also call this movie the best Malayalam movie released this week. We are saying that in spite of watching a good Malayalam movie with Mohanlal this week. We will tell you why we liked Guppy very much.

Guppy Movie Review

Guppy Movie Review

Guppy is about a village boy. He is very poor. Actually none of us want to see a kid living like that. But that is his reality. However, it’s not all bad for him. His villagers try hard to make living fun. There are fairs, where celebrities’ lookalikes entertain people. A strange man in a scooter enters the village and everything changes. Guppy is also changing. He has dreams in his eyes. He has adolescent emotions. A poor woman who sells snacks in fair makes a strong impact in Guppy’s mind.


Tovino Thomas is doing good work constantly. He has already played done variety of roles in his short career. He is yet to get a big break. We hope Guppy will change things for him big time. Other actors in the film, especially the child actor who plays Guppy are great.


Johnpaul George made his debut as a director with Guppy. This is one of the best debuts for a Malayalam director ever. He made an amazing film His film touched our heart.

The only problem with Guppy is the songs. The songs were not necessary and they are not good either.


Verdict: Good

 Rating: 4 / 5.0 )


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