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Find Out Why Prithviraj Calls Himself The Luckiest Actor In Mollywood

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
December 20, 2016

During an interview with an online magazine, Mollywood star Prithviraj admitted he did not enjoy making movies in the beginning. But after working in three/four films he fell in love with the process. Prithviraj believes he is lucky as he received the best offered from Mollywood filmmakers.


“I was always dealing with cinema that was more evolved than I am as an actor at any given point of time. I don’t think a lot of youngsters or even my contemporaries had such opportunities,” Prithviraj told this to manoramaonline.

Prithviraj received lots of criticism in the beginning of his career. He was outspoken in his interviews. Most Mollywood producers did not like him in the beginning. They did not appreciate his honesty. Prithvi changed his ways. He worked hard. Today he is one of the most popular Mollywood stars all over the world.



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