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Dileep Kavya Madhavan Wedding Manju Warrier Reaction Is Surprising

By Nibha
In Celebrity News
November 26, 2016

Dileep Kavya Madhavan wedding pictures are going viral on the internet. Manju Warrier is probably the only Indian who does not care about her ex’s new wedding. Manju is saying absolutely nothing. But everyone now knows she was never wrong. She knew the truth from the start. She is a strong woman. Manju is not like other actresses who love publicity. Do not expect any statement from her about Dileep Kavya wedding ever. She will always keep her dignified silence regarding this matter.

Manju Warrier

However, fans are talking on social media. They are applauding Manju Warrier. One fan wrote on twitter, “#manjuwarrier is a true #warrior. She epitomises those women who fight to make an identity with dignity. #DileepKavya marriage #Shameful!” Another fan wrote, “#manjuwarrier reigns supreme! Respect her #womanhood She is an individual with #dreams and #aspirations like any other! #WomenWhoWork.”


Dileep Kavya Madhavan Wedding was attended by Dileep Manju’s daughter Meenakshi. This little girl supported her father from the start. People called Manju Warrier a bad mother when she decided to divorce Dileep and start her career again. The same people are calling her iron lady now. Mollywood insiders always knew who is right. They also know Dileep Kavya affair started before Dileep married Manju. But Kavya was very young then. So Dileep could not marry her.


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