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Coronavirus In Kerala: Mollywood Under Isolation! Marakkar Release Date Is Expected To Change.

By Adity Bera
In Malayalam/Mollywood
March 11, 2020

 Coronavirus in Kerala situation is getting worse, schools, collages, and theatres are closed for now. Government took this tough decision to stop spreading the germ. Theatres are closed till March 31st; this means no new Mollywood film will release during this time. Mollywood producers and distributors will lose money. But there is no other way. This is not all. Stars were scheduled to leave India to shoot new films. But those shoots are also cancelled for now.


Marakkar, one the biggest films made by Mollywood was supposed to release on March 26th. This film has the budget of 100 crores. Marakkar is one of those films which need a wide release. If this film does not release in Kerala, where the main audiences come from then the film may not be able to earn back the whopping investment. Priyadarshan, Mohanlal may postpone the release date for now.

Mollywood is not the only film industry which is forced to change the plans. Hollywood producers are also delaying the shooting and releasing of their films. Bollywood films are making less money as most people are staying away from crowded places. Worst thing is no one knows for sure when things will change for better.


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