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Bhavana Is Moving On With Life, But She Still Wants To Know The Reason Behind Her Abduction

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity News
April 4, 2017

Actress Bhavana is an inspiration for young Indian women. She is a famous actress, but life was never easy for her. Mollywood banned her, con men abducted her, but nothing can stop her.


Bhavana is preparing for her wedding; she is also shooting a film with Mollywood superstar Prithviraj. But that kidnapping incident is still in her mind. During an interview with a popular magazine, she said she still thinks about the incident. According to her money was not the reason behind her abduction, the reason is much more complex. Someone planned a conspiracy against her. She wants to find out the reason behind her abduction and subsequent release.

But Bhavana does not want to ruin her future life because of her past. She decided she will be happy no matter what. Entire Indian population praised her for her bravery. The actress is also proud that she talks about her bitter past, rather than hiding it.

We wish her all the best.



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