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Actor Dileep Receives Unexpected Support From Sreenivasan.

By Adity Bera
In Malayalam/Mollywood
May 8, 2019

Sreenivasan supported actor Dileep during a recent interview. He said he truly believes Dileep has done no wrong. Pulsar Suni is the one who committed the crime, Dileep’s name was not even talked about when the crime came in limelight, but then all of a sudden Dileep got all the blame and he went to jail.  He is seeing a conspiracy against Dileep. He even joked that forget paying someone crores to do a crime; Dileep is a man who never spends even a single rupee on someone.


This is not the first time when actor Dileep received support from a fellow actor. But no one ever came out in open like this; Sreenivasan’s interview will surely give Dileep the much needed moral support. Mollywood almost sidelined him after the accusation, even though the accusations against him are yet to be proven.

Sreenivasan did not just support Dileep, but he also spoke against the need of women’ association. He does not think it is necessary to create an association which supports women only.

Sreenivasan is a talented film maker but his comments may receive some criticism. Women’ association does a lot of good work and women do need support especially in a male dominated industry like Mollywood.

Anyway, hopefully if Dileep never did any wrong then he will be able to prove his innocence soon.

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Adity Bera

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