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Actor Aamir Khan To Play Lead In Imran Khan’s Directorial Debut?

By Adity Bera
In Hindi/Bollywood
May 25, 2017

Even birthday boy Karan Johar failed to re-launch Imran Khan in Bollywood. But Aamir Khan is known for making impossible possible, so he can make Imran a star again.

Aamir Khan
It is possible Imran now gave up his dreams as an actor. But that does not mean he is retiring. Imran is ready to enter Bollywood again, but as a director.
Imran Khan was writing scripts in his spare time. He talked to Aamir Khan, and Aamir believes Imran can make a good director. Aamir encouraged Imran to make his directorial debut. Thanks to Aamir’s encouragement Imran is ready to direct his first ever Hindi films!
Aamir Khan will produce the film, and rumor is he may also play the lead role. Aamir is very fond of Imran. He launched him as an actor. Even Kiran Rao made a film with Imran.
All the best to Imran for his new innings in Bollywood!

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Adity Bera

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