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Nithiin’s A Aa to cross 10 Crores in Nizam Area

By Abhi Ram
In BoxOffice Report
June 9, 2016

‘A Aa is running successfully in both Telugu states and also at overseas. We have already reported the recording revenues ranking by this film.

Nithiin's A Aa to cross 10 Crores in Nizam Area

Nithiin’s A Aa to cross 10 Crores in Nizam Area

Now, this film is getting close to breaking collection records in Nizam too.
Trivikram’s celluloid wonder ‘A Aa’ has opened with hit talk with record collections across the globe. The movie has been collecting more than expected in all its released territories. In Nizam, the movie has collected more than 7 crores in 5 days and now marching to reach 10 crores mark. Trade analysts say this movie can easily cross 1o crores very soon in coming days and likely join alongside in top 5 collected movies in its full run in Nizam territory. As we all know that Nithiin came from Nizam and this feat is important for him in his territory.

With this pace, the movie may join the elite club of 50 crores in the full run with the help of overseas collections.

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