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Box Office Report: Madhuraraja Opened Well But Will Not Be Able To Beat Lucifer’s Record!

By Adity Bera
In BoxOffice Report
April 15, 2019

Madhuraraja approximately collected 4.5 crore so far, good news for Mammootty and the producers. But, film will not be able to beat Lucifer’s box office collection. Lucifer already collected more than 100 crores worldwide. Madhuraraja will join 50 crore club, but 100 crores may not happen. The initial responses from audiences and critics are great for both these films, it is just Lucifer has more global appeal due to its subject.


Lucifer has Mohanlal; Madhuraraja has Mammootty, so of course these two films will be compared by both audiences and critics. Even though comparing Lucifer with Madhuraraja doesn’t make much sense, these two films are very different. Lucifer is slick, modern, even non-Malayalam speaking audiences will enjoy the film. Madhuraraja has more appeal for real Malayalam cinema lovers. Both these films are good and critics loved performances of both Mammootty and Mohanlal. We can safely say audiences loved both Madhuraraja and Lucifer.

More details on Madhuraraja box office collection will be released later today. If the film manages to pass the Monday test and managed to stay in theaters for more than a week then it will be another super hit outing of megastar Mammootty.


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