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Blank Movie Review: Surprise! Film Will Leave You Entertained.

By Adity Bera
In BoxOffice Report
May 3, 2019

Blank Movie Review

Cast: Sunny Deol, Ishita Dutta, and Karan Kapadia.

Director: Behzad Khambata.

Story: A young man loses his memory, medical team is examining him. They find out he is a suicide bomber.  Detectives have a big job in hand, what future terror attack is his former team panning? Can they find out and save thousands of lives?

Performance:  Sunny Deol is brilliant. Karan Kapadia is better than you expect him to be as a debutant. Supporting actors have small roles and they are okay.

Direction: Behzad Khambata chose an entertaining story and his casting was perfect. But film is lengthier than it should be. A little more edit (especially on second half) will make the film more entertaining.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: If you love thriller movies you will enjoy watching Blank.




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