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What Is Intermittent Fasting And How It Can Save Your Life?

By Adity Bera
In Health & Fitness
February 18, 2020

Intermittent fasting or IF is taking the world by storm. But what is it? And can you do it?

Suppose someone did not eat anything for 24 hours, we say he is fasting.  Health conscious men and women fast to give their digestive system a much needed break. Or they fast for medical reasons. Fasting is hard, intermittent fasting is not.


During Intermittent fasting one can eat for 8 hours a day and then they don’t eat for 16 hours. For example one can eat between 8 am to 4 pm and then do not eat anything till next day 8 am.  Not that hard right? Here are some more interesting info about IF.

Pros of IF diet

No calorie restriction.

Almost every food is allowed unless it is harmful to your health.

One does not need to exercise for hours.

Digestive system gets a break.

Fast weight loss.

No extra cost.

Suitable for everyone.

Cons of IF diet

In beginning you may feel hungry at night. But stay busy and you will get over it.

Some may consume more than required calories during eating time.

A sample IF diet plan

Breakfast (8 a.m): Two eggs and half cup oatmeal with  half cup skim milk with six almonds.

Snacks: Cucumber and sugar free peanut butter.

Lunch (12 p.m.): Half cup brown rice and mixed vegetables. Fish or chicken.

Snacks: Half banana.

Dinner (finish before clock shows 4 p.m):  Two egg omelet with veggies or vegetable soup.

You can eat black tea or coffee after 4 p.m.

Walk for an hour in evening.

Talk to a doctor before starting the fasting diet if you are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes.

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